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Climate Change/Global Warming

Will Global Warming Give Greenland Its Independence?  [archive]
by Stephan Faris, New York Times, 7/27/2008
Climate change has the power to unsettle boundaries and shake up geopolitics, usually for the worse. But while most of the world sees only peril in the island’s meltwater, Greenland’s independence movement has explicitly tied its fortunes to the warming of the globe.

Northern Wildfire Smoke May Cast Shadow On Arctic Warming   [archive]
from ScienceDaily, 7/26/2008
The Arctic may get some temporary relief from global warming if the annual North American wildfire season intensifies, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado and NOAA.

Rising Demands Threaten Wetlands   [archive]
by Mark Kinver, BBC, 6/25/2008
The recent surge in demand for food and biofuel has increased the risks facing the world's wetlands, warn scientists.


NASA Maps Could Boost Offshore Renewables   [archive]
by David Gibbs,, 7/27/2008
Space agency NASA has created maps that could boost renewable energy supplies by pinpointing high wind areas in the Earth's oceans for turbine farms.

Untapped Ocean Currents Show Great Potential for Renewable Energy  [archive]
from NewsWise (source: Florida Atlantic University), 7/25/2008
The Gulf Stream—a massive and highly energetic ocean current which holds great potential for electric power generation and other renewable power sources—physically connects Florida with the United Kingdom. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Ocean Energy Technology recently accompanied Florida Governor Charlie Crist to the UK to formalize agreements on ocean energy research and development.

Carbon Market

Few Homes Using Renewable Energy  [archive]
by Michael Hill, AP, in the San Francisco Chronicle, 7/27/2008
Green power programs allow consumers to purchase renewable energy, usually at a premium, without having to go through the far greater expense of erecting a windmill or installing a solar panel. The programs are widely available, yet there are estimates that fewer than 1 percent of residential consumers nationwide receive their electricity from green power providers.

Work to Start on First German Offshore Wind Farm  [archive]
from Reuters, 7/25/2008
New York City's yellow taxi fleet now will go green at the rate of 300 new hybrid cars a month, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Wednesday, citing an agreement with car-makers to supply the fuel-light cabs.

US-Canada Carbon Trading Group Eyes 2012 Start  [archive]
by Allan Dowd, Reuters, 7/23/2008
A coalition of U.S. states and Canadian provinces that have banded together to cut greenhouse gases will launch their carbon cap and trade system in 2012, according to a draft plan released on Wednesday.


Oil May Become GOP's 2008 Issue  [archive]
by Michael D. Shear and Paul Kane, Washington Post, 7/27/2008
United behind a renewed push for offshore oil drilling, Republican members of Congress and the party's presumptive presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, think they have found their best political issue of the 2008 campaign.

State Bid to Limit Emissions Hits Court Snag  [archive]
by Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, 7/26/2008
California's effort to limit vehicle emissions of gases that contribute to global warming hit a snag Friday when a federal appeals court ruled that the state and environmental groups acted too early when they sued the Bush administration in January for blocking the law.

EPA Chief Won't Explain Climate Choices  [archive]
by Dina Cappiello, AP, 7/24/2008
Environmental Protection Agency chief Stephen Johnson has declined to explain before Congress how a conclusion he made last year that global warming put the public in danger could lead to a decision not to regulate greenhouse gases.