CEO Dan Whaley Speaking at Voluntary Carbon Markets New York
Date: February 5-6
Location: New York City
Host Organization: Green Power Conferences
Description: Following on from the successful European edition, Voluntary Carbon Markets New York is the only event to focus on the US voluntary carbon markets. The event will provide an in-depth overview of this exciting market, look at the attempts to standardize the market, the risks of investing in the market, the future developments of the market in terms of its relationship with a future mandatory market.

Chief Science Officer Margaret Leinen Speaking at Exploring Ocean Issues
Date: February 13
Location: Washington, DC
Host Organization: Environmental Law Institute
Description: Panel on exploring ocean uses where there is scientific and policy uncertainty.

CEO Dan Whaley Speaking at Carbon Forum America
Date: February 26-27
Location: San Francisco
Host Organization: Carbon Forum America
Description: Dan will be speaking in one of the opening sessions, entitled "Driving Innovation in a New Global Market," with Dan Reicher from Expanding the Carbon Market and bringing together new project developers, project hosts and entrants. CFA will be addressing emissions trading, carbon abatement solutions and new technologies.

Also, Dan will be hosting a side event at Carbon Forum America, entitled:

Ocean Iron Fertilization: Past Results, Recent Developments and Next Steps

Description:  Ocean fertilization uses iron to trigger phytoplankton blooms at sea, which have the potential to sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide in the deep ocean as they mature and sink. This session will explain the fundamental science of the process, its key role in past climate cycles and how environmental concerns can be addressed. The primary elements of a formal GHG project methodology will also be presented, Finally, the next several years’ objectives and challenges will be outlined.


CEO Dan Whaley Speaking at Energy Crossroads
Date: April 30 - May 1
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Host Organization: Stanford
Description:  Meeting our energy challenge will require a coalition including policymakers in all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, engineers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, academics, and student activists. Energy Crossroads is dedicated to promoting this coalition by convening a major conference of relevant stakeholders.

CEO Dan Whaley Speaking at Ocean Use, Development and Permitting
Date: May 22-23
Location: Seattle
Host Organization: Beveridge & Diamond
Description: A seminar on Oceans Law. Climos to participate and discuss the regulatory and environmental aspects of Climos' activities. 

CEO Dan Whaley Speaking at Investing in Renewables
Date: May 28-29
Location: Chicago
Host Organization: Scientific American
Description: A panel of nternational leaders in the fields of renewable energy, public policy and institutional investment.