Climos Press Statements

24 July 2008
Climos Expands Science Advisory Board  >>  more

30 May 2008
Climos Issues Statement on Recent Activity Regarding Ocean Iron Fertilization  >>  more

27 March 2008
Climos Leads Environmental Analysis of Ocean Iron Fertilization; Selects Tetra Tech as Partner  >>  more

5 March 2008
Climos Closes on $3.5M Series A Financing with Braemar Energy Ventures  >>  more

19 February 2008
Dr. Margaret Leinen Elected as Chair-Elect for AAAS Section on Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences  >>  more

3 December 2007
Climos Receives First Methodology for Ocean Iron Fertilization from EcoSecurities, Signs with DNV for Validation  >>  more

20 November 2007
Climos Files Provisional Patents Protecting the Commercialization of Ocean Iron Fertilization  >>  more

8 October 2007
Climos Calls for Standards to be Set in Commercial Ocean Fertilization  >>  more

20 February 2007
Climos Announces Scientific Advisory Board  >>  more

5 December 2006
Dr. Margaret Leinen Leaves National Science Foundation To Join Climos  >>  more

Climos in the News

August, 2008: Geotimes' Erin Wayman with an excellent in-depth and balanced overview of OIF and Climos 

July 25, 2008: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists sponsored a roundtable discussion with Dr. Alan Robock, Dr. Ken Caldeira, Dr. Tom Wigley, Dr. Margaret Leinen, and Dan Whaley entitled "Has the time come for geoengineering?". Three installments were provided from each author.  Margaret and Dan contributed as one.

July 9, 2008: The UK Guardian looks at OIF. Good coverage of the recent Victor Smetacek cruise, though there are a number of inaccuracies on the recent CBD announcement.  

July 3, 2008: A frame-shifting article by TIME Magazine, originally entitled "Pick up a Mop" 

July 1, 2008: A post-mortem on Planktos, with a reasonable mention of Climos at the end. 

June 30, 2008: Sustainable Industries interviews Climos CEO Dan Whaley 

May 29, 2008: Peter Day at BBC Radio covers Climos in a segment on startups tackling global warming 

May 10, 2008: Carli Ghelfi from Cleantech covers the recent CBD announcement with a balanced article 

May 5, 2008: Climos CEO Dan Whaley listed in the top 25 entrepreneurs that switched from Infotech to Cleantech, along with Al Gore, Elon Musk, Bill Joy, Bob Metcalfe and Vinod Khosla 

April 28, 2008: Coverage of Climos in VentureBeat's CleanTech blog 

April 25, 2008: Coverage of Climos in the San Francisco Business Times 

April 16, 2008: Coverage of Climos by Marc Gunther in Fortune 

April 2008: Coverage of Climos in Trading Carbon, a publication of Point Carbon 

March 2008: Climos mentioned in TIME Magazine's Cover Story "Ten Ideas that are Changing the World" 

March 30, 2008: Coverage of Climos in the Sacramento Bee 

March 6, 2008: earth2tech's Katie Fehrenbacher interviews CEO Dan Whaley 

March 5, 2008: The San Francisco Business Times covers the closing of Climos's $3.5 M venture investment round 

March 5, 2008: Red Herring covers the closing of Climos's $3.5 M venture investment round 

March, 2008: Climos is mentioned in a Mother Jones article by Melanie Haiken on ocean iron fertilization. 

March, 2008: Red Herring covers the closing of Climos's $3.5 M venture investment round 

February 22, 2008: C-Net's Martin LaMonica covers the closing of Climos's $3.5 M venture investment round 

January 21, 2008: In a posting to his C-Net syndicated Cleantech Blog, Neal Dikeman conducts an extensive interview with Dan Whaley. 

October 22, 2007: CEO Dan Whaley is quoted in the fourth of a monthly series on climate change from the Washington Post  

October 10, 2007: Science Magazine coverage of Climos' Code of Conduct for ocean fertilization projects 

Dr. Margaret Leinen discusses the latest IPCC Climate Change 2007 Report [archive]

April 11, 2007: Climos founder Dan Whaley in Fortune article on the surge in greentech venture funding   [archive]

March 23, 2007: Climos featured in the San Francisco Examiner's "New Achievements in Business"

March 23, 2007: Alarm:clock tech venture news site: "GetThere Founder Launches Carbon Cleansing Startup Climos"  [archive]

March 14, 2007: Climos Founder Dan Whaley speaks to the New York Times about the Silicon Valley cleantech revolution  [archive]

February 18, 2007: Dr. Margaret Leinen presents at AAAS Climate Change Town Hall to 1,500 people

February 15, 2007: Entrepeneurs gather at Cleantech Forum in San Francico  [archive]

December 22, 2006: Climos founder Dan Whaley and Dr. Margaret Leinen profiled in Science Magazine 

AAAS President John Holdren and Climos Founder Dan Whaley discuss solutions to global warming on San Francisco Local TV